What is QuizTrail all about?

QuizTrail was launched by Dan Snow, the History Guy, at an event in The Great Hall in Winchester in 2016. Dan had blazed a number of history-related QuizTrails around the UK including Winchester, London, York, Bath and Canterbury.

QuizTrails are engaging walks that unfold as players answer questions at points they discover along the route. They follow the trails on their iPhones, directed to geo-located Trailpoints, with a getting-warmer feature and hints to help them on their way.  A question pops up on the screen when they reach the right spot; maybe a trivia question, a cryptic challenge or perhaps something to find, scavenger style. The next leg of the secret route is revealed as the question is answered and players build up points with their answers.

QuizTrail is being upgraded and the App is not currently operating – please sign up for news!

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Watch our short Trail of Breadcrumbs adventure to understand more about QuizTrail…

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A gallery of images taken along the routes of a selection of Quiztrails:


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