Zip Wire Time Machine

The only cross-border zipline in the world links Spain and Portugal. It’s fast at 70 to 80 km/h, crosses a wide, lazy river and, if that wasn’t enough, you arrive almost an hour before you leave. No, it’s not time travel with some form of tardus or Concorde, but relies on the one hour time difference between the two countries.

Alcoutim 1

The photo shows the peaceful town of Alcoutim in eastern Portugal and, across the river, the equally peaceful Spanish town of Sanlucar. The peacefulness is interrupted only by the whoops and, sometimes screams, from the zipliners.

A 4×4 will take you up to your departure point on the crest of the hill to the left of the hilltop castle. The wooden platform where you step off terra firma for your 720 metre ride can be seen in the photo below. A ferry across the river completes the round trip.

Alcoutim 3

For a unique experience off the beaten track, add it to your bucket list!

While you’re in Alcoutim, you could walk a few paces up the hill to visit the 14th century castelo. Nearer the ferry quay is the Igreja Matriz, an early Renaissance church.

Alcoutim 4
Great views from the walls of the castelo

Or just relax and have a drink at the tables outside the restaurant near the church. You can watch the yachts that sail all the way up the river from the coast at Vila Real de Santo Antonio. The Guadiana is usually a slow moving river flanked by olive groves and vineyards, which provide a marked contrast with the dry countryside around.



Hold on tight and watch the video!

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