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QuizTrail is about discovering the world around you, exploring interesting places and sharing your discoveries with others.

It’s about revealing hidden secrets in familiar surroundings, new cities and ancient places, celebrating and preserving what you find and leaving only footprints behind.

Take a look at our Waypost articles where we explore interesting locations around the world, sometimes including a few trivia questions! Get in touch to suggest new places for us to explore or if you’d like to contribute a guest post.

The QuizTrail App has been active for several years for people all over the world to create walking trails through places they love. The Trail Store includes walks around historic city centres, photography trails, explorations in the countryside and scavenger hunts. A key feature is that only the start point is disclosed, with the route and end point revealed as the follower progresses and the secret trail unfolds.

We are now rebuilding and enhancing the App, still with our same ethos, but with added features and functionality.

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