What's QuizTrail?

QuizTrail is the brilliant new way of exploring the world around you!

QuizTrail lets you blaze walking trails anywhere in the world. For free. Sign up and bring a walking trail to life on your laptop that your friends, or the world, will follow on their iPhones. Set TrailPoints by dropping pins into a Google map, guide your followers on how to find the next TrailPoint and come up with a fun, engaging or challenging question that they'll discover when they find the right spot. Your followers won't know where you're leading them until they answer the question to reveal the next leg of the route.

You can set a download fee for your trail and make money from your creativity. 70% of the download fees come to you!

Or you could be a Trail Seeker. Go to the Trail Store and find a trail nearby, download it and get out there into the fresh air."It's the most fun I've had with my clothes on," as one Trail Seeker described their first Trail.

FOLLOW: You can follow trails, exploring new places and discovering things you might not have found on your own, even somewhere you thought you knew well. QuizTrail tests your knowledge and observational skills as you go, posing questions as you reach waypoints along the route.

CREATE: With QuizTrail you can create trails of your own to share with others. You select the route and write the questions, making it simple or challenging, cryptic or clear. Share great walks with your friends or, by publishing them in the Trail Store, you invite everyone to follow your trail.

CASH IN: The trails you create can be free, or you can set a download fee and receive 70% of the income every time your trail is downloaded. So Trailblazers are rewarded for sharing their knowledge with the world.

The QuizTrail website and App have been built to be easy and enjoyable to use.

The website includes the Trail Store, hosting all the public trails, trail building software that leads you through the steps of creating great trails and editable profile pages for all Trailblazers with a unique URL that you can link to from other websites.

The QuizTrail App used to follow the trails is free to download from the App Store. It works on any model of iPhone. The App is packed with features such as a map screen, a trail overview screen and a Hint facility to help you with questions and directions. It even tell you if you're "getting warmer' as you look for the next TrailPoint.

The QuizTrail platform is engaging, fun and completely free to use. You only pay for trails that you download (unless they are free trails of course) and for any bundles of Hints that help you along the way.

Questions? Check our FAQs or email the friendly QuizTrail team for further details.


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