Q. What does FAQ stand for?

A. Fresh Air Quiz - or possibly Frequently Asked Questions!

Q. Can you tell me about QuizTrail in just a few words?

A. QuizTrail is the new and exciting treasure hunt style game built on an interactive platform comprising the website and the App QuizTrail ~ the Outdoor Quiz. The website includes the Trail Store loaded with Trails that you can download, Trail Builder pages where you can become a Trailblazer and set your own Trails for others to follow and Profile pages where Trailblazers can showcase their Trails. The App, free to download onto your iPhone, is used to follow the Trails and through the App you can also access the Trail Store and buy and download Trails. For more information, watch the videos!

Q. How do I sign up?

A. Sign up to QuizTrail for free either on this website, through the App, or via Facebook Connect. Signing up lets you download Trails and also lets you create new Trails for your friends or for the world to follow.

Q. Should I download the App and a Trail before I set out?

A. Yes, it's best to download the App using a Wi-Fi connection. Trails will download more quickly using Wi-Fi but you can download them on a mobile data connection if you like.

Q. Can I play QuizTrail indoors?

A. QuizTrail is designed for the great outdoors. Some call it an Apptivity - you need to get outside to follow a trail. But Trailblazers can build Trails on their computers from the comfort of their homes!

Q. How do I select miles or kilometres, my time zone and local currency?

A. Go to the Settings section when you sign in and select the options that you would like to use.

Q. What if I want to change my currency, time zone etc after I sign up?

A. You can change your preference for miles/kilometres and your time zone at any time by going to settings. You can't change currencies on an account - imagine the accounting nightmare - but you'll only need to use another currency if you're setting up Trails in more than one country. In this case, please set up further accounts in the currencies you need.

Q. Can I play QuizTrail on my Android?

A. It's iPhone exclusive at the moment, but please tell us if you'd like the Android version and we'll email you as soon as it's available.

Q. What do I have to pay?

A. It's free to sign up, download the App and build Trails. There are also free Trails to follow. So there is nothing to pay at all except to download pay-to-play Trails and to replenish your supply of Hints (which are modestly priced at $2.49 for a bundle of ten).

Q. Can I get in touch with QuizTrail?

A. We love to hear from our Trailblazers and Trail Seekers! Email us at info@quiztrail.com if you'd like to share photos of you and your friends following a Trail, or if you've suggestions to make. If there is something wrong, please let us know and we'll do our best to fix it. If the content of a Trail is likely to cause offence or you believe the route is hazardous we will investigate straight away and, if appropriate, remove the Trail from the Trail Store. QuizTrail is all about having fun in the great outdoors and we want to keep it that way!




Q. What is a Trail?

A. A Trail is an outdoor route that has been created for you to enjoy. You're given a Start Point and from there the Trail unfolds as you answer a question at each TrailPoint. You get points for your answers and, on Fast Play Trails, extra points for getting to the next TrailPoint within a set time. With QuizTrail you can discover new places or new things about familiar places. Some Trails have prizes on offer for the highest score while others offer discounts at featured outlets.

Q. How do I follow a Trail?

A. After you've download the App, signed up and bought the Trail you've chosen, check when the Trail is live and make your way to the Start Point. When you reach the right spot, your phone will vibrate and a question will appear on the screen. You get points if you answer correctly, but in any case you'll be given the directions to the next TrailPoint. Follow the Trail and when you reach the next TrailPoint your phone will vibrate and another question will appear. For details of Hints and the 'getting warmer' feature, see 'Using the App' below.

Q. How does the Trail Store work?

A. The store gives you access to all the Trails on offer, searchable by location, prize trails, difficulty, special interest and Trailblazer.

Q. How do I choose a Trail?

A. There's a lot of information available on the Trail Store. You can search by map screen to find a Trail in your area of interest, and see more details by clicking on the pin on the map screen. Some trails are free, some offer prizes and they all give the length and estimated time and theme, such as history or green spaces.

Q. How do I know where the Trail will take me?

A. You don't know where the trail will take you - following a Trail unravels one of the great mysteries of Life! You know where the Trail starts but the route only unfolds as you find the TrailPoints and answer questions along the way.

Q. How long are Trails live for?

A. Each Trail is different so be sure to check the start and end times of the Trails you're interested in. Some Trails associated with events might only be live for a few hours, while others are playable at any time for many months.

Q. Why are some Trails free and others pay-to-play?

A. Each Trailblazer sets their own download fee for their Trails from free upwards!

Q. How do I pay for a pay-to-play Trail?

A. We exclusively use PayPal for all payments on the website. Click the BUY button and it will take you to a PayPal screen. Don't be put off if you don't have a PayPal account - it is designed to be remarkably easy, quick and secure to join and use. See a PayPal demo video: https://www.paypalobjects.com/en_GB/m/demo/demo_consumer/demovideo.html

Q. Why are sponsor names shown on some Trails?

A. These are the good guys who provide the prize... and sometimes an after party. A small logo on the screen seems a reasonable reward.

Q. How will I be told if I win a prize?

A. The Trailblazer will contact the winner once the Trail closes and make arrangements to award the prize.

Q. How do I know who has won a Trail that I took part in?

A. You can view the Leaderboard to check who the winner is and where you came in the pecking order. On the App go to Finished Trails, click the relevant Trail and then the Leaderboard tab.

Q. Can I use QuizTrail for geocaching?

A. Yes, Trails are a brilliant 'front-end' for a geocaching experience, with the Trail Completion Message at the end of the Trail giving you the clues to where the secret cache is hidden.

Q. How do invitation-only Trails work?

A. As a Trailblazer you set a trail using the Trail Building software on the website. In the Privacy section on the first screen, if you click 'Invitation only' it means the Trail won't go onto the Trail Store but will only be accessible to people who are sent an invitation. When you complete and publish the Trail you'll be given a link to send to the people you want to invite, up to 10 people if the Trail is free or unlimited numbers if it's pay-to-play. QuizTrail admin will email you with a link to a message for you to send to your friends. All you need do is add their email addresses and press SEND. If you want the Trail on your own iPhone, you'll also have to send yourself an invitation!

Q. I've sent my friends an invitation-only Trail. What should they do?

A. When your friend clicks the link on their device it will open the QuizTrail website at the page for the Trail you've created. They should click 'Enrol' if they want to accept your invitation. If they are signed up to QuizTrail that will add the new trail to their 'My Trails' folder. On the App they should go to My Trails and pull down the screen to refresh it and look for the new trail at the foot of their 'Starting Soon' folder. If your friend is new to QuizTrail, clicking 'Enrol' will take them to the sign in page and invite them to download the App. When they've done that they'll find your Trail in their 'My Trails' folder. If you want the Trail on your own iPhone, you'll also have to send yourself an invitation!


Using the app


Q. How do I follow a Trail?

A. Download the App, sign up to QuizTrail and buy the Trail(s) you want to follow. On the App go to My Trails and pull the screen down to refresh it. Click on the Trail, tap 'Start Trail' and follow the directions on the screen.

Q. Should my phone be fully charged before I set out on a Trail?

A. Trails don't consume a lot of battery life, but you may want to take some photos, phone a friend to tell them how much fun you're having or otherwise do things that drain down your battery. So, it's best to start out with a well charged battery.

Q. What do the red and green lights at the bottom of the trail screen do?

A. They tell you if 'you're getting warmer' or not. The green light shows you're heading in the direction of the next TrailPoint, the red light tells you that you're moving further away.

Q. What can I do if I can't find the TrailPoint?

A. Sometimes a TrailPoint can be difficult to find. City centres, amongst high rise buildings can be problem areas with satellite coverage reduced. Trying walking slowly around where you think the TrailPoint is located. Try the hint facility or, if you're really stuck, press 'Skip TrailPoint'.

Q. How exactly do hints work?

A. They help you when you're stuck but, in return, three points are deducted from your score. In Quiz mode the hint removes one of the wrong answers. In Trail mode the hint puts a blue circle on the map around the TrailPoint you're looking for and displays the distance to go.

Q. How do I get credit for hints?

A. When you download the app on App Store, it comes with a number of free hints. You can buy more hint credits using the QuizTrail app - go to 'Credit Purchase'.

Q. How many points do I get for answering the questions?

A. Ten points for a correct answer, and three more points if you answer within a minute. No points for a wrong answer.

Q. How do I keep track of my progress during a game?

A. Go to the 'Overview' screen on the App. This shows you where you are on a map, tells you how much of the Trail you've completed and the points you've earned so far.

Q. How do I see the answers when I'm on the question screen?

A. Scroll down the screen. At the foot are buttons Show Answers and Hide Answers which let you read and hide a long question easily.

Q. How do I see the Trail directions when I'm on the map screen?

A. Tap the Show Trail button near the top of the screen. To reveal more of the map, click the Hide Trail button when the trail directions are displayed.

Q. How do Fast Play trails work?

A. They work exactly like untimed trails with the feature that extra points are on offer; 3 bonus points for answering the question within a minute of reaching the TrailPoint, and 3 bonus points for reaching the next TrailPoint without delay.

Q. What happens at the end of a trail?

A. A message appears on your screen from the Trailblazer when you get to the end of a trail. It might suggest somewhere nearby to relax with a drink, perhaps invite you to an after party, or just thank you for playing.

Q. Why should I rate the Trailblazer?

A. Rating helps others to identify skilled Trailblazers whose games they would enjoy.

Q. When following a trail, can the phone be in Airplane Mode?

A. No, make sure your phone is not in Airplane Mode as this disables the GPS system. Receiving GPS signals doesn't cost anything and doesn't form part of your phone contract (which covers phone calls, text and data). If you are concerned about data cost, you can follow the trail with data turned off completely (see below) as long as the phone is not in Airplane Mode.

Q. When following a trail, should I have my phone's mobile data turned on?

A. Your App needs GPS to operate so your phone must not be in Airplane Mode, which disables GPS reception. Separately, if data is turned on you will get all the features of the App, however the trail will work perfectly well with data turned off except that you might not see the map screen all the time - you'll see what looks like graph paper instead - and the overview screen will not be active. The overview screen and leader board update when you connect to the internet again via Wi-Fi. Go to 'Settings' on your iPhone and select Mobile to access the controls.

Q. Do I need Data Roaming turned on?

A. Data roaming only applies if you're out of your home country. You can follow a trail with data roaming turned off, but if you want to see the map screen and have the overview screen active, this does require data although usage is fairly low. Go to 'Settings', and 'Mobile' to access Data Roaming controls. Data usage abroad will usually incur a charge - check your phone contract or with your supplier. However, as noted above, you can follow trails with data turned off. However, make sure the phone is not in Airplane Mode as this would disable GPS (which is a free service).

Q. How do I raise issues about trails?

A. You can contact the Trailblazer directly if, for example, you think an answer to a question is incorrect or the directions they have given are inaccurate. Or else get in touch with us at info@quiztrail.com

Q. Is it strictly one person per phone when following a Trail?

A. People often share a phone on a Trail, which can add to the enjoyment - sharing means the cost of the trail is shared too.




Q. How do I become a Trailblazer? Is there anything to pay?

A. It's easy and completely free. See the 'Be a Trailblazer' section of this website for details.

Q. What is the difference between private and public Trails?

A. Private Trails are set by Trailblazers for their friends and are invitation only. Public Trails are hosted on the QuizTrail website for anyone to play. These Trails are checked over by us before we allow them into the Trail Store.

Q. How do I get in touch with QuizTrail?

A. Please message us or email us on info@quiztrail.com We'd love to hear from you.

Q. How do my Trails become Featured?

A. We charge a fee to feature trails on the QuizTrail website - please ask for details at info@quiztrail.com

Q. How much should I charge for the Trail that I create?

A. You can charge whatever you think is appropriate. As a guide, take a look at a variety of Trails in the Store to get a feel for what other Trailblazers are charging. And ask yourself: am I awarding a prize? Is this a charity Trail (where players might be more generous)? Have I arranged discounts or other incentives at outlets on the route? Will I provide refreshments at the end of the Trail? These add to the value of what you're offering.

Q. Trailblazers get 70% of the download charge but why does QuizTrail get 30%?

A. The 30% covers QuizTrail's hosting, administration and other costs and helps pay for development and enhancements to the App.

Q. How do I set up a Profile Page?

A. Sign in on the QuizTrail website and click the Welcome button at the top of the screen. This takes you directly to your Profile Update page where you can add photos directly or via the Gallery, update your social media links and, by clicking the Messages tab, add as many message boxes and text as you like. Any problems, get in touch; you can email your questions to info@quiztrail.com